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Access To Unique,Hidden Talent

Just like Google indexes the world’s information, we index the world’s talent making previously un-findable talent accessible to our highly skilled recruiters. Many of our candidates are not found by other agencies since they are not on job boards or LinkedIn.

Faster Hiring

Hire in days – not weeks or months. Our technology cuts the time to hire. It finds people with the exact set of skills you need -- faster than a recruiter alone can. We help HR teams look like heroes to their hiring managers. Get this hire off your plate!

Better Screening

You won’t waste time talking to unqualified candidates. You’ll receive hand-vetted candidates in a personalized skill-screening report – see exactly how they rate in the top skills the hiring manager needs. Our curators screen for the human aspects of a quality hire: personality, attitude, and organizational fit.


About Us

Slope Technologies was founded with a simple motive of offering the clients exactly what they want, how they want and when they want it. By leveraging for its clients its technological edge and right-sourcing advantage, Slope Technologies in a short period of time has grown to become one of the most trusted strategic technology partners.

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Our Services

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the driving forces behind most technological advancements. It is not only paving the technological evolution into a trailblazing way but it is also adding better functionalities to the existing technological aspects. It imparts human intelligence into machines in order to perform learning and problem-solving.

Slope Technologies has understood the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and its critical aspects that can be used to proffer better software services. Our AI-driven company is based in the US that works for clients all around the globe to meet customer requirements. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best that they want and exactly what they need. With our professionals, we touch every domain of software services in one way or the other while making effective use of technology. We believe in catering quality services to our customers and building robust solutions based on their requirements. Prompt and risk-free delivery of services is all that can be expected from Slope Technologies.

1. Handling AI-driven projects / products / services

Artificial Intelligence is shaping enterprises and companies as they are growing over time. The customers relying on the services offered by these companies are increasing with leaps and bounds and so is the data related to them. In this case, artificial intelligence puts forth the ability to handle enterprise services in a more sophisticated manner. Artificial intelligence gives an edge in completing the task within deadlines, campaigning the product to the specific audience, identifying the potential customers and anchoring desired services to their doorstep.

We at Slope Technologies assist our clients in getting a competitive edge over other companies by developing AI-driven projects to support their enterprise. Our service extends to handling products based on Artificial intelligence as well as other related services asked by the clients. We are dedicated to design and create the products and services that are specifically made to meet the needs of our clients at very affordable prices and domains.

Data Science is another booming field of technology that focuses on raising questions that can lead to problems in data. In layman’s terms, data science is a way of solving problems that are unthinkable to occur. It focuses on predicting potential trends and exploring datasets in order to ask the right questions that can lead to better analysis of data and hence, better solutions. In the coming age of demand to implant data science in every field, Slope technologies provide the best data reading and analytical flash reports. Our dedicated team spends crucial insights on the best results and most likely outcomes in the field specified and create reports.

On the other hand, data analysis is related to applying statistical models to datasets in order to answer questions raised as a part of data science. It focuses on finding actionable insights from the data. These actionable insights can be understood as immediate actions that can be taken based on the result of data analysis.

As enterprises have large unstructured data that is ever increasing, data science and data analysis become crucial. Slope Technologies works for providing the best data science and data analytics services to the clients. We concern about solving the data-related issues and predict forthcoming problems to build solutions.

Slope Technologies’ prime service as a leading software service provider is ubiquitous project handling. The expert professionals at Slope Technologies specialize in multiple programming languages and computer technology such that we are capable of developing and handling a myriad of projects. Slope technologies keep in mind, regarding what kind of programming is asked by the client and the service it demands and structures the most efficient program within no time.

Our project handling service is known to have the fastest turnaround time without compromising the quality of service. Our programs are one of the best-structured programs with no bugs or compilation glitches. We also ensure that the developed projects are accurate and stick to the client requirements at all times. A vast majority of satisfied customers found our programs to be the most user- friendly and smooth.

AI is duly capable of contributing to the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. It is a genuine alternative for effectively managing the clinical data and performing bio-statistical programming to a large extent. These days, medical science relies largely on intelligent and self capable machines that can keep a record of data related to every patient accurately.

Slope technologies provide reliable and accurate programming and data management service to its clients at quite affordable costs. We understand the importance of AI and its credible results in data delivery services and provide the best services since accuracy in data is a very crucial factor in the field of medical science.

Slope technologies provide reliable and accurate programming and data management service to its clients at quite affordable costs. We understand the importance of AI and its credible results in data delivery services and provide the best services since accuracy in data is a very crucial factor in the field of medical science.

Biostatistics and Statistical Programming

Slope Technology has honed biostatisticians and statistical programmers that specialize in the standardization of clinical trial data while sticking to the CDISC data standards. We bring technical expertise in the field of Bio-statistics following the current methods along with innovative ideas. Our out of the league approach for standardization which is based upon metadata makes sure that our customers do not compromise with the quality. Our fast approach to delivering services at a much lesser cost is one of our strengths which makes us a reliable service provider.

You can benefit from Slope Technologies’ Biostatistics and Statistical Programming service as:
  • We convert on-going or legacy trial data into CDSIC SDTM data standards.
  • We convert analysis data as per CDSIC ADAM data standards.
  • We define .xml creation/validation services as per define .xml 1.0 and 2.0 specifications.
  • We develop CRF annotation and reviewer’s guide.
  • Edit check Programming and Validation
  • Laboratory and Vendor Data reconciliation
  • Safety Data Management and Reconciliation
  • We provide Onshore and Offshore Clinical Data Management services
Why Choose Us?
  • Our programmers stick to Client or Internal SOP such that our customers get exactly what they want!
  • We understand the importance of robust data security hence our services abide to be highly data-secured.
  • We proffer quality management services.
Clinical Data Management

The clinical data management is critical for generating highly reliable and statistically correct results of clinical trials. It is a major aspect of clinical data management and analysis that forms the basis of crucial clinical research.

At Slope Technologies, our experienced clinical SAS programmers assist customers in the analysis of clinical trials that include parallel, cross over, multi-phase and pharmacokinetics. We not only adhere to the SOPs but also follow the guidelines of ICH strictly which is why our services have stood out from our competitors and have earned a number of satisfied customers in the field of Clinical Data Management.

Further, you can expect the following services at Slope technologies in the field of clinical data management:
  • We perform an interim analysis with unblinded statistical support and advice.
  • We use non-linear models and non-linear mixed effect modeling between exposure and response that leads to effective PK/PD analysis.
  • ISS/ISE- Support for the integration of safety and efficacy data provided prior to regulatory approval.
  • We provide pre-clinical study support that ensures fulfillment of study objectives in clinical research.
  • We do protocol inputs including clinical study design, sample size calculations consultancy advice.
Why Choose Us?
  • Our primary focus is on reducing the risks for the services we provide.
  • We make sure that the work is done within the timeline and as fast as possible.
  • Slope Technology improves quality of submission along with quality management of services.

Artificial intelligence is also vividly used in the field of banking and commerce. Banking requires a large scale handling of unarranged data that needs to be slotted according to their individuality and specificity. AI handles humongous bank details, transaction almanac, cash transit details and other very vulnerable and secretive data in its database. Artificial intelligence is one curve ahead of manual data flocking and specification. Very often, manual work results in very minute undetectable errors that result in unaccountable loss and complications. AI maintains a special directory for various data and details and stops them from mixing or shorting from other data. This way, it protects all our e-commercial and banking activities to protect and maintain its individuality. This task is also considered very reliable and error-proof.

Our company has the best in class services that develops and handles banking domain projects. We assure the task to be error-proof and secure for a transaction and other verification purposes.

We have special AI services for banking domain projects that handle large information and manage them efficiently. Also, keep in mind the ISS/ISE support for safe and efficient data retrieval prior to regulatory approval. The service complies with all kinds of banking domain protocols while being top-notch.

We at slope technologies are dedicated to providing the best candidates to our clients in no time. While other hiring agencies may take weeks or even months to hire the people and that too; not matching the required skills, we are proud to boast of doing this task in just a few days, hiring the exact kind of skilled people that our clients need.

There is no time to waste on unqualified candidates. Our clients receive hand-picked candidates with personal screening test reports along with a scale of their likeability of qualification. Our clients can easily choose and pick among various candidates on the basis of their personal screenings, which one of them would be the most suitable for their company.

Our curators pick up the candidates on the basis of their personality, attitude, organizational compatibility, and various other human aspects that make the candidate best fit on the chair.

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